Students that graduate from NoVA will have strong intercultural understanding and experiences, and knowledge of teaching practices and theories in different Nordic countries. This cross-cultural study offers work opportunities internationally in different art, educational, and visual communicational areas, institutions, organisations, communities, art and culture projects. Students may direct themselves toward teaching, producing, designing, guidance and consultant tasks on different levels of schooling, or in the fields of art and visual and media culture, social sectors and corporate life.

Through NoVA, students are prepared for doctoral studies and for the possibility to continue their research profession. The degree alone does not qualify as teacher competency.

The choice of the exchange university/university college guides the contents of studies. Depending on the combination, students may, for example, choose to emphasize media communication or contemporary artistic studies.


Students graduating from NoVA may work as art educators, culture consultants, media communicators, museum educators, and art teachers (degree alone does not qualify).


NoVA extends Aalto Univerity’s vision by constructing an internationally-networked community of learners, in part through student mobility integrated directly into the program, where students study at two universities in the Nordic countries. The program, which is entirely in English, is designed from beginning to end, with and through international partners, and has a primary focus on expanding Nordic art education in a global context.  NoVA students engage in a variety of learning and teaching methods, including in-person, on-line, and whole group pedagogy, at home and host universities, and at retreats and international seminars. NoVA international faculty members cooperate in curricula planning and collaborative teaching, and employ the latest information and communications technology to actualize the curricula in a personalized and systematic manner for each student.

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