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NoVA is based on e-learning, contact teaching, and face-to-face meetings. The idea of blended learning is the foundation of NoVA. Learning by doing, problem oriented approaches, and learning by using is integrated with practical and theoretical e-learning based activities. Contact teaching is a combination of lectures, seminars, peer working and student presentations, using multimodal approaches: texts, images, audio, and different physical and digital interfaces and communication. Teaching is provided by three Nordic universities, and each student will study in person at two universities. Each student stays one or two semester at a NoVA partner University and is guided to study minimum 20 ECTS and maximum 40 ECTS in one other NoVA partner university.

Major Studies 90 ECTS

Code Name ECTS Credits
NoVA on-line joint studies 40
TAI-E4000 Visual cultures and aesthetics in digital communication and learning designs 5
TAI-E4001 Gamification 5
TAI-E4002 Critical social issues in art education 5
TAI-E4003 Research methodologies I 5
TAI-E4004 Research methodologies II 5
TAI-E4006 On-line thesis seminar I 5
TAI-E4007 On-line thesis seminar II 10
NoVA Courses at Aalto University 50
TAI-E4008 NoVA seminar I 5
TAI-E4009 NoVA seminar II 5
TAI-E4010 NoVA seminar  III 5
TAI.thes Master’s thesis 30
NoVA alternative studies 5
Student chooses 5 ECTS of following courses or other NoVA studies at NoVA partner university.
TAI-E4011 Theories and practices of Visual Culture 5
TAI-E4012 Intercultural seminar 5

Elective Studies 30 ECTS

The students select altogether 30 ECTS of elective studies. The studies completed during the exchange period at a NoVA partner University will be placed to elective studies. In addition to this student can choose freely studies from Aalto ARTS, other Schools of Aalto University and/or studies in other universities in Finland (Joo-studies).